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Get back to the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

Our caring and professional staff take pride in leading you on the road to your recovery.

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We Have 20 Years Of Experience

The Hometown Physiotherapy, Sports Injury & Massage clinics offer a full range of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and sports medicine services.

All of our clinics are physiotherapist owned and operated. Our caring and professional staff take pride in leading you on the road to recovery.

Our Mission

We’re committed to achieving results as safely and effectively as possibly so you can get back to the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

Our Vision

We provide an exceptional standard of care through a variety of therapeutic modalities to help you reach a speedy recovery.

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ADP Assessment

Chronic Pain

Compression Stockings

Custom Bracing

Custom Orthotics

Dry Needling


Graston Technique

Myofascial Release

Neurological Rehab

Pediatric Physiotherapy

Sports Injuries

TMJ Dysfunction

Vestibular Rehab

Injuries Treated

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Physiotherapy Services

At Hometown Physiotherapy, we offer a range of services to help you achieve your optimal physical health. Our services include assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, pain management, and sports-specific rehabilitation. 



We provide rehabilitation and treatment services to help you recover from your workplace injuries and return to work safely and quickly.


Pediatric Therapy

We use a variety of techniques and approaches to help children with physical impairments or injuries, developmental delays, or neurological conditions reach their full potential.


Sports Injury

Our goal is to provide proper treatment and rehabilitation so athletes can return to their sport even stronger than before.


Motor Vehicle Accident

We work with patients who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents, providing rehabilitation services to help them manage pain, regain function, and achieve their physical goals.


Meet Our Team

Priyanka Bhatt

Owner & Physiotherapist
Brockville, ON

Hema Naidu

Brockville, ON

Roy Myllari

Smiths Falls, ON

Kshama Dhoble

Smiths Falls, ON